December Meet 'n Eat meeting.

It will be at the Eatology Kitchen

Location: 4337 Wellborn Rd, Bryan, TX 77801
Date: Wednesday Dec 10, 2014  
Time: 6:30 pm. 

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It's official ! Our new night is second Wednesday of month.

Dr John Davidhizer was our speaker on Wednesday November 12th. 7:00 pm (New meeting day!) at the community room at The Bank and Trust ( new location!). The Bank & Trust 2900 South Texas Ave, Bryan, TX 77802

 "Dr John" will discussed how client care is impacted by the restrictions and realities of modern medical care in an era where insurance companies often dictate treatment and 15 minute appointments are the norm. He will discuss how his Concierge Medical practice (visit is different. Imagine being able to text, call or email your doctor directly. House calls? Yes, those are possible too. Ever wish you had a doctor who would review the records of all your medical history and make recommendations based on the whole picture? Come hear how affordable this custom care actually is. Dr John will answer your questions about Concierge Medicine and how it may improve your patient experience. Come hear about alternative treatments for Acid Reflux and the dangers of prolonged untreated GERD.

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7:00 pm.

 Newcomers welcome at 6:30 pm.

St Joseph Education Annex, 3030 East 29th St, Bryan, TX

Past Meeting :

Dr Marcy Halterman of College Station Chiropractic . Gave a good talk about updates in gluten sensitivity testing, updates on medications/supplements and information on cross reactive foods – those foods who have similar make up to gluten which can also trigger reactions in some people.


Passed Meetings

The Last Meeting was at :
800 University Dr E, College Station, Texas 77840


Boston's Aggieland

Cyd Cassone

At the meeting Sept. 13,2013
Cyd Cassone gave us a presentation on the

12 things to do if you get GLUTENED
And were given an opportunity to get a “Care Kit“

Additional information links below :

Bone broth

3 Steps To Recover After Getting Glutened

10 Hidden Sources of Gluten

7:00 meeting

Friday June 14 , 2013 we met at :

Jason's Deli


May 11, 2012 - 

Chef Tai's Food Truck (America's favorite food truck!) came to the meeting and had several gluten free specials for us.

Apr 13, 2012 - 

One of our members taught us how to make gluten free tamales - they were awesome!

March 9, 2012 -

Dining out at C&J Barbecue

Feb 10, 2012-

Dr. Bailey presentation on health and the digestive system and discussed things to do to ease the pain after being "glutened".

Jan 13, 2012

Almost 40 people attended the January Gluten Free Dining Out at Stover Brothers Cafe and tour of Village Foods.


Disclaimer: Information on this page or website should NOT be taken as medical advice. Before starting any food exclusion diet you must consult your Primary Care Physician and a Registered Dietician.




Stress Anxiety and sleeplessness. What the drug companies won’t tell you.

6:30  for  Newly Diagnosed


GIG MISSION: The mission of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America® is to provide support to persons with gluten intolerance, including celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and other gluten sensitivities, in order to live healthy lives.

GIG Branch Mission: GIG's branches help to fulfill GIG's mission on a local and regional level through programs tailored to their community.

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St. Joseph Education Annex 
3030 E. 29th St. Bryan, TX  77802 
Corner of E. 29th and Broadmoor 

For more information, please e-mail or call (979) 209-4475

MEETING INFO: Local support group meetings are held the 2nd FRIDAY of each month at 7 PM (6:30 for new members) unless otherwise noted. Please note that our meeting night has changed



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We are now meeting on the second Wednesday of the month.