Author and CEO, Gluten free Works, Inc. Cleo Libonati visits. Her book, Recognizing Celiac Disease, contains over 250 pages of easy-to-use charts that explain hundreds of signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications related to celiac disease, how they are caused and which nutrients are needed to treat them.


Above - February 2008 Meeting. From left: Kim Melissari (Treasurer); Megan Tichy (Manager); Julie Hoyle (Secretary); Cleo Libonati (Guest/Author).

Above - June 2008 at a Hoedown, part of the Annual Education Conference hosted by North Texas GIG in Dallas. From the left: Monica, Karen (Megan's sister from Rochester, NY), Megan, Taylor, Sara, Denise (Founder of the Brazos Valley Celiac Sprue Support Group).